Make Money Selling this Program

Instructions for becoming an affiliate for Releasing PTSD.

Thank you for your interest in being an affiliate for Releasing PTSD!

For every sale you make of Releasing PTSD, you'll earn $97.50 (50%)!

1. Create an Account (2 minutes)

If you don't already have an affiliate account with Real People Press, sign up here:

Make sure to put in the email address that you use for PayPal. That way we can pay you quickly and easily each month through PayPal.

(Don't have a PayPal account? Sign up for free at

The tax ID number or Social Security Number is so that we can send you a 1099 form at tax time (if we are required to do so). This will of course be kept completely confidential.

2. Log Into Your Account (1 minute)

Once you create a new account, log into your account here:

(If you can't remember your password email me at and I can provide you with a new one.)

3. Get Your Special Tracking Link (2 minutes)

Once you are logged in, you have several options for getting your special affiliate link. Your link will track customers who click on it to make sure you get your $97.50 when they purchase it.

a. Basic Text or HTML Link

This is to include in an email or on a web page.

i. Click "Email Links" in the left column.

ii. Then from the "Marketing Group" drop down menu, select "Releasing PTSD" and click the button "Display Email Links".

iii. Now you'll see two options: either a plain text (ASCII/Text) link or an HTML formatted link. The simplest thing is to cut and paste the ASCII/Text link.

Your link will look something like this:

Don't use this exact link above though — this is just a sample. Yours will have different numbers on the end of it identifying you as the affiliate, and thus crediting you for the sales you make.

When someone clicks your link, it will immediately redirect them to where they can learn more and sign up for the videos.

Our system will track this and give you a 50% commission on all sales of the Releasing PTSD product, which means $97.50 in commissions for every sale. If you sell 10 copies that's $975.00, or if you sell 1,000 that's $97,500! If you sell 1 million copies...then I will personally deliver the gold bars to your home. 🙂

b. Linked Banner

Another option is to use a banner I created for the program, basically a 300 pixel by 238 pixel image that looks like this:

Releasing PTSD banner

Releasing PTSD banner

(I know, I know, my Photoshop skills are awesome.)

To get the banner with your special link on it, click "Banners" in the left column and it will be right there. Select all of the HTML code in the box and paste that into your HTML in your website (if you don't know how to do that, ask your webmaster or you can contact us for help).

You could also create your own banner if you wanted (and know how) — just make sure to use your special link with it to keep track of your sales.

But again, the simplest way is just to use a simple text link in an email or on your blog or website.

4. Now Let Your Lists Know!

Got an email newsletter? Send them an email letting them know about Releasing PTSD. Make sure to use your special link so you get credit for any sales.

Got a blog or a website? Put a link on your site, or use the banner (with your special link) to advertise the program.

Feel free to use any of our advertising copy on our sales page in your email or on your site when you sell Releasing PTSD, or write your own based on your experience of the videos, customizing the message for your audience.

You should have already received a free account — if not, let me know and I'll make one for you. You can also use any copy from our blog post advertising the video series.


Note that we plan on paying out commissions once a month around the first of the month. Good luck, and let us know if there's anything else we can help you with!

Duff McDuffee
Office Manager at Real People Press
order [at] realpeoplepress [at] com