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Here you'll find other products and links relevant to releasing PTSD using methods from Neurolinguistic Programming.

Online Video Courses

Coming soon is another online video course with video instruction in over 13 specific techniques from a training lead by Steve entitled Resolving PTSD.

We will email customers of this course when it is released and available for purchase.

Video and Audio Products

"Treating Trauma by Creating an Earlier Resource Experience."
Steve Andreas demonstrates the "Decision Destroyer" technique created by Richard Bandler.

"Resolving Shame."
Steve demonstrates a process for resolving shame without knowing the "content" of the shameful situation.

"Resolving Regret."
Steve demonstrates how to resolve regret.

"Resolving Anxiety and Other Strong Feelings."
Steve demonstrates the spinning feelings and voice tempo change techniques (which he used with Tara for rage).

"NLP Client Session: Resolving Night Terrors."
Night terrors are supposedly a problem that cannot be resolved. Here Steve works with a client and resolves her long-standing night terrors in one session.

"NLP Client Session: Loss and Depression."
In this client session, Steve uses a variety of methods to help a client overcome Loss and Depression.

"Eye Movement Integration."
Here Steve demonstrates using EMI with a Vietnam Veteran.

"Integral Eye Movement Therapy."
This brief demo introduces and demonstrates Andrew T. Austin's IEMT method for resolving strong feelings.

"Aligning Perceptual Positions."
Connirae Andreas demonstrates the APP method, a generally useful method for becoming more aligned, especially useful for resolving ongoing relationship conflicts.

"Core Transformation - DVD Workshop."
A 4 DVD set with Tamara Andreas which teaches the generally useful methods known as Core Transformation, Aligning Perceptual Positions, and also the Parental Timeline Reimprinting method.

"Fast Phobia and Trauma Relief."
Now called "Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories," this classic video demonstrates using this technique with a woman who had a phobia of bees. Not just for phobias, this method is key to resolving PTSD and other traumatic experiences.

"Resolving Grief."
Connirae Andreas demonstrates the NLP process for grieving effectively.

"Resolving Shame: Classic Video Demonstration."
Steve Andreas teaches the NLP shame resolution pattern on this classic video.

"The Forgiveness Pattern."
In this audio program, Steve teaches the how-to of getting to forgiveness.



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